Let systems take care of routine tasks


Depending on the nature of your business, you can automate various process. This could include Lead Management (CRM), Sales Process, Order processing, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory Management, Collections (Receivable Management), Payments (Payable Management), Time Management, Attendance and Payroll, After-sales support, Document Management, Customer Management and Communication.


To grow your business in today’s competitive environment, you need to take quick decisions and your staff needs to adapt them quickly. Major reasons to automate your business are:

  • Data-driven decisions can greatly enhance your decision-making abilities
  • For taking quick decisions, you need updated data with real-time reports and analytics. This can only be achieved when you capture data at source using online solutions.
  • Business Analytics help you monitor every aspect of your business.
  • BI (Business Intelligence) dashboards and MIS systems help you monitor KPI (Key-Performance-Indicators) of your business.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligent) can greatly enhance data analysis and automation.


  • Streamlines processes
  • Data capturing at source
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • Data=driven decision making
  • Gain technology edger over competitors
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve cashflow
  • Timely compliance
  • Better projections
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases efficiency
  • Saves time
  • Reduces costs
  • Reduce paper work
  • Reduce dependency on manual processes
  • Reduce chances of human errors.


Lead Management (CRM)
  • Lead Integration – Automatically capture leads from your website and popular portals like Just Dial, Sulekha, Urban Pro and India Mart.
  • Automated Response (SMS and Email) with your company profile and product brochure.
  • Assign leads with alerts to executives and customers.
  • Follow-up reminders – Automated reminders to each executive for follow-ups due.
  • 3 level escalations for pending follow-ups.
Order Processing
  • Track pending purchase and sales orders
  • Create sales orders directly from quotations
  • Create PO based on current stock, reorder levels, Indents and orders.
  • Create Purchase Orders, Delivery Challans or Sales Invoices directly from orders.
  • Create GRN and purchase entry from Purchase orders.
  • Link your website to show items available in stock with price and pictures
  • Capture orders and payments from your website using APIs.
  • Import orders and payments from popular sites such as Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Create invoices directly from sales orders, delivery challans and time-sheets.
  • Use bar-codes to quickly create invoices
  • Import invoices from excel sheets for sale done using other mediums.
  • Create EWAY bills and upload on GST portal.
  • Automatically calculate GST based on product and customer location.
  • Create customized invoice using built-in tools.
  • Use analytics to track sales by customer, location, product, executive etc.
  • Quickly create receipts directly from invoicing module
Inventory Management
  • Multi-level inventory master with UPC and Bar Codes
  • Set Minimum Stock Levels for each stock and get Automated ROL Alerts when stock falls below the threshold limit.
  • View Stock Query directly from vouchers and see location-wise, batch-wise stock along with recent transactions.
  • Track serial numbers and batch numbers of inventory items.
  • Match physical Inventory with bar-code readers.
  • Use analytics to generate graphs for item-wise sale, month-wise movement, customer-wise sale, agent-wise sale, location-wise sale etc.
  • Stock Ledger with drill-down to voucher level.
  • Easily communication with your customers and staff with Email, SMS and WhatsApp alerts.
  • Send transaction alerts to customers, sales executive etc. when an invoice, receipt or debit note is created.
  • Sent automated reminders when before due date of bills and Post-dated cheques (PDC).
  • Send automated wishes on birthdays and anniversaries to customers, vendors, employees and other contacts.
  • Set escalation matrix for missed follow-ups and deadlines.
  • Get event-based MIS alerts like daily sales, collection, stock levels etc.
Receivable Management
  • BI Dashboards shows sale, receipts, pending and due bills.
  • Sent automated alerts to customers for invoices, orders and proforma invoice
  • Send automated alerts based on due-date of bills.
  • Send automated alerts for outstanding bills.
  • Link payment gateway and send payment links with invoice, orders and payment reminders.
  • Generate outstanding reports and aging analysis.
Payables Management
  • BI Dashboards shows purchases, payments, pending and due bills.
  • Create payment vouchers directly from purchase
  • Make secure payments directly from software without logging-in to your bank account.
  • Track TDS deducted and payable.
Document Management
  • Attach supporting documents to each voucher
  • Easily search documents, download, print or email them.
  • Shoe Box Accounting to track pending documents and quick entry
  • Shoe box can also be used to out-source accounting to your CA or accountant
  • Go paperless = go green
MIS Alerts
  • Define MIS rules as per your business requirements.
  • Get MIS alerts by Email, SMS and WhatsApp messages, without logging into the system.
  • Enable multiple transaction alerts to customers, sales executive, accountant/manager and business owner.
  • Business owners and managers can also get daily alerts of location-wise sales, collections, items-below threshold limits etc.
  • Each executive can get alerts for his own daily sales, collections, bills outstanding, sales follow-ups etc.
Attendance and Payroll
  • Define leave and attendance rules for employees.
  • Automatically capture attendance from bio-metric readers
  • Send exception alerts to employees for missed punch, late-mark, absenteeism etc.
  • Allow manual-punch by employees with approval system.
  • Manage leave applications from employees through the system.
  • Calculate salaries and generate accounting entries from the system.
Help Desk (AMC)
  • Define rules for after-sales-service and preventive maintenance.
  • Allow customers to create trouble tickets for after-sales-service.
  • Monitor pending tickets and analyse TAT (Turn-Around-Time).
  • Assign tickets to executive and send automated alerts to executive and customer.
  • Executives can update ticket status using their mobile phone
  • Get customers feedback and analyse customer satisfaction levels
Customer Management
  • Create complete customer master with multiple addresses
  • Define and manage Credit limits for each customer.
  • Define multiple price levels for customer types.
  • Analyse customer data with graphs and reports for buying pattern, payment cycle, products sold, location-wise and executive-wise sale.
  • Send automated Birthday and anniversary wishes
  • Send personalized SMS and Email messages to customers
  • Send automated alerts to customers when invoices and receipts are created
  • Send automated reminders when bills or cheques become due
  • Get Feedback from customers
Branch Management
  • Use same software simultaneously from all branches/locations
  • You can track stocks and orders at each location in real time.
  • Stock transfers between branches are handled seamlessly.
  • Field staff can also use the software from any locations using their mobile, tablet or laptop.
  • Data can be captured and update in real-time from each locations without having to synchronize data.
  • User can attach supporting documents to each transaction like purchase invoice or expense voucher and access the same using their mobile or laptop.
Time Management
  • Create jobs and assign to executives.
  • Track pending jobs
  • Employees can track pending jobs and update time-sheets.
  • Track cost of each job by time-spent on each job and CTC of the employee.
  • Track exceptions by analysing expected time and cost v/s actual time and cost of each job.
  • Track productivity of each employee.
  • Track unbilled jobs and create invoices with a single click
API Integration
  • Link your website to ERP and fetch items with images and price based on stock availability
  • Push orders received on your website to the ERP
  • Third=party applications can also pull information from ERP using secure API
  • You can also crate transactions from third-party applications using the API
Recurring Vouchers
  • Create recurring vouchers like retainership invoices or rent expenses
  • Get alerts when vouchers become due
  • Create transactions effortlessly based on recurring vouchers.
Integrated Banking
  • Link your ICICI bank accounting to ERP
  • Fetch your bank-statement seamlessly
  • Reconcile bank-statements effortlessly
  • Quickly add bank transactions from your bank-statement.
  • Make secure payments to vendors without logging into your bank account


  • Let us meet and discuss your business process
  • We will help you identify processes which can be automated
  • We will identify key players, define process and workflows.
  • We will help you choose the right technology and develop tools for automation
  • We will train your team and help them adopt the new technology.

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