Tailor-made software to fit your exact requirements

We can either develop customized software as per your reuqirment or customize our existing software to match your requirements.

Software Development:

If you have specific requirements which cannot be met by existing software, we can create a new solution as per your requirement. The process of createing a new solutions is as follows:

  • Analyse: We will understand your business process, meet each stake-holder and understand their roles and requirements.
  • Document: We will document your requirements and create a use-case document along with time and costs for each use-case. We will then discuss each use-case and create a final document based on your feedback.
  • Design: We will design a prototype with complete UI/UX design, based on final use-case document for your approval.
  • Coding: Our development team will create software based on final prototype.
  • Testing: Our testing will do alpha-level testing of the product using latest techniques.
  • Deploy: Our implementation team will deploy the project for your approval and your team will do beta-testing with sample data.
  • Maintain: After successful deployment, our team will provide support for any errors or bugs found while using the software.


  • We can customise our existing products, subject to feasibility, by adding modules and features as per your requirement.
  • The cost of customisation depends on the time and effort required for the same.
  • Normally customization cost is significantly lower than creating a customised software.